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We are a small Shire in the Kingdom of An Tir.
(Yamhill County, Oregon)

Next Council Meeting 2/19/2016 At Newberg North Fire Station #21


Greetings To All and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


The next Mt. Edge council meeting will be held Friday February 19, 2016, 6PM, at the Newberg North Fire Station #21 in Newberg OR not the First Federal Bank (our usual location).


Fire Station #21 Address:

3100 Middlebrook Drive - park in the parking lot

(From Hwy 99, take Springbrook north and turn left at the flashing fire station light)


Usual Meeting location: First Federal Bank, 121 North Edwards Street, Newberg OR 97132


The bank is actually on the corner of Hancock (99W south) and College (Hwy 219). The parking lot is before the bank if you are coming south on 99W. 

Garb optional for council meetings.

As always, everyone is invited to attend Shire council meetings, Shire residents and neighboring friends included. 

If you can't attend but have information to share or a topic you'd like added to the agenda, please do send email to the Shire Yahoo group ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or to the Seneschal directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Macha of Mountain Edge


Have any questions? Please contact our Chatelaine Tamar at 503-538-8522 or our Seneschal Macha at 503-703-4056 - if you call, please be aware that Macha is frequently bi-coastal so 9PM in Oregon is midnight on the east coast..... 



Fight Practice

Thursday nights... At Yamhill Middle School, behind the Gym.


Winter Months

Yamhill Grade School, Yamhill.

<--- Click the image for a map.

Sometimes we gather for dinner afterwards at a local eatery.

Non-fighters are always welcome and encouraged to come socialize. We have a good sized regular attendance, and will always welcome more.  If you are planning to attend with a group from your area, please contact either Michael or Amalric so we can make sure the regulars all know and can attend.

For more info, contact our Marshal or Duke Amalric




Arts & Sciences

 If you have interest in any of the medieval arts or sciences, such as brewing, wood working, leather working, sewing, cooking, riding, archery, blacksmithing, heraldry, or ANYthing else that was done in the middle ages...  Please contact the Shire's A&S Minister or our Chatelaine.
There are no current A&S nights planned, but if you would like to get together, there may be interest in doing so.  Write to one of  the folks on our Contact Page

Archery, Thrown Weapons, Rapier, and Equestrian Practices

Equestrian-ArcherMonthly Archery, Thrown Weapons, Rapier and Equestrian practices for 2015 - See You In 2016!

Practices are done for 2015 since we are in winter weather season. See you in 2016!
Weather: The mountain weather can differ from that in the valley especially during spring and fall. If you have ANY concerns about the weather on the mountain, call Macha at 503-703-4056 for a real-time weather update.
The entire practice site is an equestrian area so the waiver information below applies.

Location: The Dragons' Den Farm, 23205 NE Mountain Top Rd., Newberg OR 97132
Quick Directions: make your best route to the intersection of Hwy 219 and Mountain Top Rd. Proceed west on Mountain Top Rd 2.1 miles then follow the sort-of white board fence on your right down the driveway. An SCA sign will be posted at the driveway.

The regular monthly practices will have equestrian, target archery, thrown weapons, and  rapier at Dragons Den in Newberg. Participants and spectators must sign the equestrian waiver in the house upon arrival - this is an official practice with equestrian insurance. The practice dates are set a year in advance for insurance purposes.

IMPORTANT: if you will be bringing a child 17 or younger for whom you are not the parent or legal guardian, PLEASE contact Macha via email about the waiver signature procedure if you are not familiar with SCA's policies and forms. The SCA Equestrian waiver can be found here

IMPORTANT: We can also host a war practice with combat archery at this location. Please contact Macha if you are interested in  this (indoor!) activity in February or March. Later in the year this can move outdoors and be in combination with other martial activities at practices. This is an opportunity for war bands to gain more practice with their combat archery units....

Questions? Email Macha at macha-at-dragonsden.com about archery, thrown weapons, and equestrian, or Roberto at arcanggell-at-yahoo.com about rapier.



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